Saturday, 29 May 2010

Team Tweedy

This week Cheryl Cole announced that her divorce proceedings were to go ahead. It seems after months of humiliating headlines, Cheryl can no longer 'fight for this love,' and who can blame her?

Everyone I know, well, about 95% of my friends (girls, guys and even gays) fancy Cheryl. Personally, she's not my style crush, but I know a lot of girls who would go for the full on WAG-over (like a make-over but with bigger hair and higher heels) given half the chance. Now, I love glamour and can appreciate her 'look,' however, being a student with limited funds and time, I feel that easy chic is simply more achieveable - think Alexa Chung or the Olsens, just with considerably less Chanel.

Personal prefernces aside, there's no denying her fashion credentials, Cheryl's a Vogue cover girl after all. As always Vogue set the president, spotted the trend, whatever, and since then she's appeared on the covers of Elle (Nov 09), Q (Feb 10) and more recently Harper's (June 10).

Over exposure's never a great thing and even though her music is a little overplayed to say the least, I like it. 'Fight For This Love' reminds me a my 21st birthday, it was the soundtrack to the night infact, and many a drunken dance was had to that song. I assume the memories of the aptly titled song are not so great for Cheryl, but at least her chart climbing success acts a big two finger salute to Ashley-cheating-Cole.

Earlier this week, publicist Max Clifford said, "As a single person, the potential is even greater, brighter and better for her than being married to a footballer who's unpopular with most people unless they're Chelsea fans."

It's official - Ash, you're trash!

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