Saturday, 5 June 2010

Whitney Port: Style File

Whoever said having your own personal style was all about loyally following one particular look or formula was wrong. I'm not sure that anybody has actually said this, but it's the general consensus, right? Stick to what suits, job done...Sure it's safe, but it's also a tad dull.

The 'Sienna effect' highlights my point exactly, as girls and women of all ages embraced the Boho trend season after season. By having such a definite style, and hardly ever straying from the skinny jeans or maxi skirt and gladiators combo, Sienna Miller's look was easily replicated. Yes, she did look great, but by 2008 we were all a little bored of Boho, no?

Whitney Port, on the other hand, likes to mix it up. Whether at work or play, her stylish mix of Californian cool and New York gloss never fail to inspire. Quirky combinations keep her look fresh, unexpected and formula free. The only common features appear to be her trade mark honey-hued locks and effortlessly long legs.

Cute & Casual
Never knew florals and a frown could look so chic?
Pink flats add a pop of colour
Trying out the tribal trend at this year's Coachella
Groomed to perfection in geometric brights and brogues
Love this 50s inspired playsuit!
High-tops shoot to the top of my wish list after spying this look
Proving she can play the casual card just as well without the sun

After Dark
Leather shorts, this season's hottest item
Steering clear of her usual edgy style in favour of girly glamour
A simple white tee = easy chic
Needing this dress, right now!
A Topshop jacket adds a touch of Brit grunge
Patterned tights inject interest into an otherwise simple look
Nautical + Floral = Potential nightmare, actual dream
Another successful white dress and patterned tights combo
The Hills star turns to Hollywood glamour

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