Monday, 25 April 2011

Summer's Here!!

Easter Bank Holiday weekend at home, post dissertation, has translated to major relaxation sessions with friends and family, involving lots of good food, drink and of course waaaay too much chocolate in every shape and form. Unusually sunny days ensured the well deserved break was made just perfect, but at the same time, provided me with a slight cause for concern after a quick glance through my practically non-existent summer wardrobe.

Clearly not sharing my dilema, Alexa effortlessly accessorises a simple white velvet dress with vintage pendants and electric blue nails...all about the neo-nail this summer. Happiness in a bottle, courtesy of OPI.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Rihanna Rocks

Never one to shy away from controversy, Rihanna released her video for upcoming single S&M last week, which led to its ban in 11 countries and a sensorhip of the song lyrics on Radio 1. We all know as soon as  a ban is imposed, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a success - remember what happened with football stickers, tamagotchis, and yo-yos? - so I'm predicting S&M will be number one very soon. Ok, so this is not exactly material for the school playground, but then again, Rihanna's never pretended to be a sickly sweet export of The Mickey Mouse Club.

With an explosion of clashing colours and an array of latex costumes it's a little Gaga-esque, but that's never a bad thing, unless you're a censorship bore I guess...
One thing that seems to have been overlooked, however, is the fact that Rihanna actually promotes healthy eating in the video. 'Everything in moderation,' I believe is the correct term - so clearly a great role model, right?!

Ice cream - yum!
Banana - one of your five-a-day, check!
Cream - a good source of dairy
Popcorn - the healthiest cinema treat

Friday, 4 February 2011

Anne Hathaway in Marni

Too cute for words, this Marni ensemble definitely caught my eye whilst skimming over this morning! Admittedly, Anne's brave and slightly eccentric choice won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. The cropped knit exposes just enough when paired with the high waisted pants, and whilst a collision of prints used to be a no-no, it's set to be a huge trend for SS '11.

Image source:

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Black Swan can do no wrong

Last week I went to see the much anticipated Black Swan, and can wholeheartedly say that it lived up to the hype - in fact it's my new favourite film. Whether you are a ballet fan, a lover of fashion, or simply a film fanatic, get your coat and go - now.

I'm sure (in fact I know) that I am not alone when I say that I love a good dance film, but Dirty Dancing / Honey / Flashdance this most certainly is not. Those in search of a cheesy chick-flick need not apply, Black Swan is far more than that and beautiful in every way. 

Natalie Portman's character is cast perfectly - well who else has the body of a ballerina without actually being one? - and the costumes are truly stunning, thanks to a little help from New York design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. (Quite how much involvement they had with regards to design is fast becoming a subject of controversy, see here...)

 Rodarte designer, Laura Mulleavy with Natalie Portman.

If the costumes aren't enough to hold your attention for the entire duration the gripping storyline sure will. Miss it, miss out!