Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Vogue Russia Dec 2010

In astrological terms, I'm a Libran, and apparently of a balanced, diplomatic character. I read an article on my supposed traits, and not being hugely into horoscopes, I was surprised by its accuracy - although nothing mentioned about cynicism funnily enough...

This discovery followed one I had previously made; the beautiful astrology themed editorial in the December issue of Vogue Russia. Latvian model Anastasija Kondratjeva was shot by photographer, Matt Irwin for this simply stunning story featuring, what seems to be, the contents of a twinkling tresure trove. Bvlgari, Graff, Tiffany and Rolex fight for attention amongst the glossy spread, where each image is based on a sign of the Zodiac.

These are not horoscope pages which tell you "an interesting stranger will appear when you least expect it blah blah blah" although if those pages looked as good as this, I might me more interested.

Here are my favourites...

Aquarius - the water carrier

 Taurus - the bull

 Cancer - the crab

 Libra - scales...just because

Scorpio - the scorpion

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